Underwater Engagements?

Underwater Engagements?

For any man or women buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. There’s a great deal of expectations attached to this task. After all, your girl wants the very best for herself, plus it’s not always that a person is getting engaged. The engagement ring is considered a symbol of your love and commitment. Also women love to show off their rigs and the fact that her friends and family are going to get a look at what you got her is enough to get anyone into a sweat.

When a man walks into a jewellery store they are inundated with a variety of emotions which range from panic to anxiety and everything in between. Imagine walking into a store and hearing words like Tiffany setting, solitaire, eternity bands etc. you might wonder just what you have got yourself into. But don’t worry. Choosing a custom engagement ring in Sydney is simple with the help of the following tips.

Set a budget

Setting a budget is crucial because it will help the jeweller find a ring within your expectations. This can help narrow down the search to quite an extent. The price of a ring is always negotiable but still keeping a budget in mind can prove to be quite helpful.

Never let anyone cloud your thoughts and ideas. There is no limit to how expensive a ring should be you should always choose a ring within your budget because after all it’s you who the women loves and not your salary. Also going into debt for a mere ring is not the most romantic thing ever. Just make sure you get her the very best that you can. Besides that love always wins. No smart woman in her right mind would like to start off her married life with a big fat debt. Just do what you and your girlfriend thinks is right for both of you.

Find out about her ring size

This is one area where most guys screw up. The ring might be perfect in every way other than the size. Imagine the awkwardness when you finally get to slip the ring on her finger but it isn’t a perfect fit. However, if you make sure the ring is the right size things can be pretty easy.

The best thing you could do is get your hands on a ring which is lying in your girl’s drawer. If you want it to be surprise you could ask a friend or family for help. They can get you the ring and you can surprise her in the best possible way.

Get to know about her style

Also when picking a ring get to know about your girls personal preference. Does she like things to be minimalistic or she likes things over the top. Would she rather have something sweet and understated or she would prefer a larger stone. The way she dresses is also key to what she might like in jewellery.

Keeping these things in mind is one way to choose the perfect custom engagement ring in Sydney.

Source: www.oroginale.com.au

Diving and surfing Tips

Good health, good diving

Whatever your age, it is important to be in good health. If diving is prohibited for pregnant women, some health conditions (asthma, heart problems, nervous …) require a prior medical opinion, even for a baptism.

School of fish © Benoît Cappronnier

It’s my choice !

Do you really want to? Or do you throw yourself into the water under the pressure of your entourage (friends, husband …)?


On the surface, swim, dabble, look underwater … Becoming aware of the aquatic environment quickly reduces apprehensions to make you feel better.

My mask

Choose a mask that fits your face, and do not over tighten the strap. To avoid fogging, do not hesitate to spit on the inner pane, spread the saliva, then rinse. It’s a bit rustic, but effective!

No, diving does not hurt your ears!

In diving, we feel the effect of water pressure especially on the eardrums. Thus, during the descent – frequently and even before an embarrassment appears – it is necessary to blow gently while pinching the nose to balance the ears. Fastoche, no!

Breathe in breathe out…

Underwater, you must breathe normally, without ever trying to save air. Besides, you lug a large amount on your back!

Essential signs

OK, everything is fine it's not okay We go up We are going down


Just for your eyes !

Basically, look around you almost forgetting the monitor, which fully manages your security and guides your meetings with the nice inhabitants of the “world of silence”. Take with you plasticized plates presenting fauna and flora of the spot …

Golden rules

Respect absolutely the delicate environment around you. Do not bring food to the fish, do not touch anything, and watch where you put your fins! The backup of the sites and their occupants depends on you.
Warning: if you pass your first patent during the holidays, remember to respect a period of 24 hours before flying or to undertake a ride in the mountains, so as not to change the course of desaturation …

Snorkelling and apnea

It is recommended to practice snorkelling (snorkeling with fins, mask and snorkel only) with a diving center that accompanies you on the best sites, while ensuring your safety. Do not forget t-shirt and sunscreen, and take your time to observe the underwater life, without traveling long distances. From time to time, remove the tuba from the mouth to ventilate well. Avoid repeated apneas without supervision, and always rest between two dives.

The child’s dive

Initiation of children – usually from the age of eight – requires appropriate equipment (small vest, bottle “bottle”, full suit) in a suitable environment (hot water, spot without difficulty). Only one dive per day possible. Beyond the motivation of the parents, it is the desire of the children that must prevail. The FFESSM offers them specific training graduated by three levels of divers (bronze, silver and gold). At PADI, children spend their Bubbles maker …