Cubic Zirconia Rings

Things to keep in mind when purchasing one

Are you thinking about buying cubic zirconia rings? CZ rings are not only beautiful to look at, these are pretty economical as well when compared to diamond rings. Plus a CZ ring is just as fiery and looks just as good as any regular precious stone jewellery. Technically speaking it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a diamond and CZ stone. When buying cubic zirconia rings, keep the following things in mind.

Consider the metal setting for the cubic zirconia ring

When buying a ring you need to make sure that the metal used for setting the stone is high quality. Think on terms of gold silver or platinum even. The better the metal, the better your ring would look and the more durable it would be. You can choose gold in white gold, rose gold and yellowish tones. Each of these look great combined with cubic zirconia rings. Look for the karat of the metal of the ring. If you go for cheap plated options your ring might not look as classy as you want it to. Also keep in mind cubic zirconia is a stone which is kind of hard and weighs more than other stones. Therefore it needs a metal setting which is just as sturdy.

Choose a ring which has been crafted by an expert

A ring which is well crafted looks sophisticated and graceful. A cubic zirconia when pit in a classy setting can add a whole level of suaveness to any piece of jewellery. Make sure you choose jewellers who are known for their expert craftsmanship.

Keep in mind the grading for the cubic zirconia ring

Just like diamonds, a cubic zirconia is graded as well. The highest rating for a CZ ring is 5A and can only be found at the very best jewellers. These are high quality pieces which closely resemble diamond jewellery. Also make sure you as your jeweller to show you finer pieces which look their very best. If you are choosing a cubic zirconia engagement ring you need to make sure you got ones which are the best quality. After all this is one ring which you would probably wear for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind the shape, cut and size of the cubic zirconia

The usual shapes and cuts include the princess cut, the classic oval cut and emerald cut. There is also an option of choosing a cushion cut. Also consider the size of the stone. Bigger pieces tend to cost more. So make sure you have set a budget in mind. Low grade jewellery is usual set in brass or sterling silver and doesn’t look as good as high quality pieces. Of course while choosing an engagement ring you need to look for elegant pieces which complement your lifestyle.

Also cubic zirconia are available in different colours canary yellow, sapphire blue, emerald green and the most popular white diamond look.

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