Diving Resorts


Accommodation at Diving Resorts in Australia

Choosing the Best One for You

There are many diving resorts in Australia, other than the diving activity per se; their accommodation is another factor to consider in choosing where to spend the next weekend. When looking for an accommodation, might as well consider the enumerated factors below.

What to look for your accommodation?


When you go to a resort to dive, you are not just there to dive, of course, you want to do other activities like indoor swimming, going to the gym and so forth. Of course, your kids will not enjoy diving yet, so making sure they are equally enjoying as much as you do while you are diving is a must, availability of playgrounds and daycares can be a suitable alternative.

Consider the amenities available in the resort. Make sure their amenities are suiting your needs and satisfaction.

Room ambiance

You must be so tired after diving, hence the best thing to do after is enjoying a sumptuous meal. Going out of the resort may not be favorable to some. Thus great in-house restaurants come to the picture. Your accommodation would be best if you can dine in your room with a setting that makes you feel like you are in a formal restaurant.

Choose a room that you know can suffice to adhere to what you are looking for after you dive.

View outside your balcony or window

After a good dive in the morning, staying in your room and enjoying the view from your window is an effective way to seal your holiday. Choose an accommodation that can give you a spectacular view; you would not want to end your nature trip after diving, as extending it while you are in your room is a great deal indeed.

Do not put yourself in a room that will make you feel suffocated with high walls.


What is included in your accommodation package? Best if it includes:

      Use of diving gears

      Boat service from the shoreline to the diving destination

      Free meals

      If you are coming from the airport, service shuttle from the airport to the resort

      Divemaster or diver assistant to assist you in diving safely

If you get a package with good inclusions, you are also saving money.


Never miss on their employees:

      Do they have attentive customer service team?

      Are their receptionists and room attendants respectful?

      Are their dive masters and diver assistants highly knowledgeable in the field of diving?

      Are their employees giving you enough assistance you need?

Their employees can make or break your vacation. How they are treating you will be a significant impact on your overall stay and satisfaction.

Nearby establishments

      Is the accommodation near malls where you can buy diving equipment?

      Are there nearby restaurants?

      Are there gift shops near the area?

      Is public transportation accessible and available?


Diving is just so in demand in Australia; this is evident with the number of diving resorts around. But of course, when you say diving resort, you are not only looking at the diving activity per se, you also want to make sure that you will maximize the fun on your vacation. Considering great accommodation at diving resorts can surely seal a wonderful experience, may it be you are a diving pro or a newbie.