Diving Spots

Where are the best diving spots in Australia?

Visiting Australia today? Or are you a native Australian who needs to tests the Australian waters? Whichever option you fall in, Visiting Australia diving scenes may bring forth nice memories to your future life. Do you also know that the Australian waters are a habitat to a wild variety of aquatic animals? Moreover, do you also know that the Australian waters provide more touristic features than you can ever imagine? Talk of the coral reefs, Ships wreck and caves. These are some of the features you should expect with a trip to some of the diving places. All in all, some of the best diving places in Australia are in the

South Wales

The Fish Rock location in the New South Wales is ideal for diving. The Fish rock cave boasts a 125 meters cave. Besides being the one true Australian ocean cave. Divers who enter the cave can attest to the fact the water tends to be crystal clear and warmer while entering the cave.  To add on that, there are a lot of tons of fish which surrounds the cave mouths. What if you are a non- diver? There is still something for you at the Fish Rock Diving Cave. You can try out the walking tracks or the Cape smoky Lighthouse. I assure you that you won’t get bored at all with a visit to this Diving sport.


The Lizard Island is where you should be if you are a Queensland resident. In fact, it’s the top in the world. On top of that, you can explicitly explore the Great Barrier Reef from the Northern angle. For beginners who are still taking their first diving steps, the Lizard island diving sport in Queensland will be a great suit for you. You should expect to see the potato cords, sharks, feather stars and giant calms. The awesome time to visit the site is during August and January. You will truly benefit from the great weather during this time. Nevertheless any time, there is a lot that you can experience at this diving site.

Western Australia

The Ningaloo Reef is a must visit the diving site in Australia. There is plenty of diving activities that is at stake at this place than you can even imagine. Just mirror out a 260-kilometre coral reef?  With a trip to this diving sites, there are a lot of goodies for you.  Divers will be able to see some of the largest fish in the world. Talk of the whale’s shark and the Humpback shark. Moreover, you can be lucky enough to spot the Hawksbill Turtles.  The best time to visit this place is during between March and June.  Prior visitors too this place have been able to capture a glimpse of the 18-kilometre whale shark.

South Australia

The kangaroo island is a famous diving site in south-west Australia. There are a lot of leafy sea dragons for you to see at the Kangaroo Island. Moreover, with your visit to this site, expect to see the Australian sea lions alongside the New Zeeland fur seals. But most divers attribute that their love for this site is derived from the Leafy sea dragons. This is because the sea puppies are curious and often playful creatures to them.

In conclusion, there are a lot of diving sports in the different Parts of Australia.  Banking on the best diving site that is near you save you quite some coins.