Sydney to Wollongong Airport Transfers

Transfers between airports can be an important part of your travel plans to think about in advance. There are various transport methods to get from Sydney Airport to Wollongong Airport. The most common methods include train transport, bus transport, car transport, taxi transport, limo transport, and shuttle transport. These are discussed as follows:


Buses and Shuttles


Getting to Wollongong, you can use bus transport. You will find many buses offering transport services between Sydney and Wollongong, most of them during the day. Also, there are myriad shuttle transport services operating both minibus services and coach services between these two cities.




Mostly, taxis connecting Sydney and Wollongong are said to be operating outside the expected zones. Therefore, it is vital to get a specific quote from the driver before hiring one. In most cases, the quoted rates range from 150 dollars to 300 dollars. Book a Wollongong airport transfer way ahead of your trip to make sure that you don’t have a hard time.




Limousines are the most common method of transfers between Sydney and Wollongong. However, they can be considered quite expensive for many families and groups. This is due to the convenience rate and the luxury offered by it. However, it is the best option when it comes to business travellers and those who are willing to pay more for convenience and saving time.



Travelers can also catch a train at Sydney City for transport services to Wollongong Airport. You can find passenger trains at various train stations. There are six train stations in the city of Sydney, which are the Varsity Lakes train station, the Ormeau train station, the Robina train station, Helen’s Valve train station, and finally the Nerang train station.


However, catching a certain train from the city of Sydney to the city of Wollongong requires using bus or taxi transport to the particular train station. This is due to the fact that the train stations of Sydney are located far from its airport. Taking a train for your airport transfer between these cities normally takes up to 90 minutes. A good example is a train linking Surfers Paradise, situated in Sydney city, and the Wollongong airport which takes approximate 2 hours and 20 minutes. Also, you can choose the Air Train service, which performs a similar function to the other trains by connecting Sydney and Wollongong.




Driving yourself is another good option for getting from Sydney Airport to Wollongong Airport. The drive usually takes about an hour, depending on the season. To avoid issues associated with the rush hours normally in the mornings and in the afternoons, a drive is the best option to choose. This is the best alternative for avoiding the peak periods. You can use Google to get a clear map connecting these two cities.

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