Whale Watching Experience

Whale Watching in Fraser Coast

Whale watching can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Whales are gentle creatures. To see them in all their glory is an experience in itself. There are quite a few people who have had the fascinating experience of watching whales frolic in their natural habitat. Each year whales makes their way across the seas of Hervey Bay and fascinated tourists flock to watch these graceful creatures in their splendid glory.

While whale watching can be interesting there are certain facts which should be kept in mind. If you are going to experience whale watching for the first time, make sure to read the following tips.

  • Whale watching can take quite a few hours. If you are a family with small kids, you need to keep in mind that children tend to get bored easily. That why if you do plan to take kids along, make sure to carry a few games and snacks to keep them busy. It’s not that you would spot a whale immediately as soon as your boat enters the waters. You might have to wait and it could be a long wait.
  • If you are whale watching in Hervey Bay for the first time, it’s obvious that you would be excited if you spot a whale. However, too much excitement can be a source of disturbance for the whale. Since whales are wild creatures they might not react happily. They might go in distress and this could actually cause misbalance to the boating vessel as well. Avoid making too much hype. Also try to stay away from the railings. In the excitement of taking a picture some people go too near to the railings of the vessel and could risk falling into the water.
  • When making a booking for a whale watching tour in Hervey bay, make a booking well in advance. This is because whale watching can be a busy season. There are loads of people waiting to get their first glimpse of these amazing creatures. Also you don’t want to spoil your trip just because you couldn’t get the booking because of being late.

Interesting whale facts

Now that you are all aware of whale watching tours in Hervey Bay, the following are a few interesting facts on whales.

  • Normally whales can be almost forty to fifty meters in length. However the length varies with different species. There are certain rare species which could grow larger than this as well. Whales weigh around fifty tons or more.
  • Whale babies can be around twelve feet and weigh around 2000 lbs. that’s surprisingly big for a baby
  • Whale babies feed on their mother’s milk. They ingest copious amounts of milk and this could result in them gaining seven pounds in less than an hour. In their young stage these babies can grow at an alarming rate.
  • Whales travel the sea with the help of magnetite. It’s a naturally occurring substance found in the front portions of their brain. Whales make use of it to tap into the earth’s magnetic pull to understand where they need to travel.

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